Floyd Mayweather may not be the most likeable guy in the world based on his “money” character, but this guy is a special fighter. America has been waiting a long time to see somebody silence the loud mouth, unapologetic black man for a long time. They salivated over the idea of seeing him laying on his back, looking up at the ceiling with blood leaking everywhere. That would have made their PPV cost worth it! Floyd Made over 100 million Dollars in one night

Once again he disappoints his critics and left them finding new verbal jabs to throw at him since the ones in the ring never seem to land effectively. Conor Mcgregor was meant to be this big, dangerous puncher according to “experts” like Skip Bayless AKA Skip Shameless. Floyd walked him down like he was an annoying cockroach that didn’t die the first time it was stepped on. When you see a fighter get walked down like that, it means the aggressor does not respect their opponents punching power.

Floyd promised to give the fans a show and he did. He collected data on Conor in the first three rounds and then he took control of the fight. Floyd was clearly carrying Conor along for a ride and making this fight seem interesting. Casual boxing fans will think Conor had control at the start but just happen to get tired. Let’s just say that is true, when has that become a standard in sports? Imagine saying we were leading 4-0 and then they came back to beat us 10-4! when has that been a measure of success in sports? please remind me because I am confused. Floyd needs to retire now and focus on his many business ventures, there is nothing to prove now as the only critique people usually give him has been erased. He abandoned his defensive style, made the fight entertaining and still won.


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