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KC has won Boys Champs 2019 after blowing away Calabar. The trophy is now well on its way to North Street, The six year reign as kings is over.

The fact that KC would win champs was clear from Friday when their golden boys Christopher Taylor and De’jour Russell were clearly not in form.

These are the two students who allegedly roughed up the head of the physics department at a boot camp.

Sanjaye Shaw found himself in a dispute with the two star students over some mattresses.

Christopher “mattress” Taylor allegedly assaulted the teacher with the help of De’Jour “sponge boss” Russell.

Calabar then proceeded to recruit Christopher Townsend to defend the boys. yes, that same big shot, expensive lawyer.

The Acting Principal really lived up to the title, as he was only acting.

Instead of standing next to his teacher, who will remain with the school for a long time.

He decided to stand next to two boys who would be gone next year. This was an extraordinary display of poor leadership.

He failed the PR test, he made Calabar appear to be a school that is controlled by the track suit warriors.

To make things worse, the two students who they sided with and turned a blind eye to their buffoonery ended up flopping at Champs.

Christoper Taylor did not even make it to run in the finals and De’Jour lost his title.

If you are going to make the school and your teachers look silly, at least win and take the spotlight off the controversy.

So now Calabar has lost Champs and reputation. Total shambles.

The other teachers who did not stand next to their colleague are also pathetic, they are cowards.

Christoper Taylor has been running at Champs so long that he has forgotten that there is life after Champs.

At Calabar he is treated like royalty. He should have left schoolboy tracks a long time ago.

He is obsessed with Champs and the power it gives him on Calabar campus. He should have left and gone to running against the big boys a long time ago.

The problem is, in the real world he is not the golden child he is on Red Hills Road.

He would have to prove himself and earn respect all over again.

He took the easy way out and stayed at Calabar so he can walk around like the big man on campus.

At 19 years old, he should have been a much bigger star on the global stage.

Still, he is supremely talented and we still wish the best for Taylor.

The mattress boss has the potential to run for Jamaica at the Olympic level.

He just needs to humble himself and work hard.


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