oney british dead

Oney British is dead. He was murdered last night in Mountain View as he was on his way home from Champs.

He was gunned down in his lavish Mercedes S class Benz. A bike man rode up and shot him 9 times.

After getting shot, he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into other vehicles, eventually coming to a stop against a pole.

Here is a video of the scene right after the shooting

It seems if your last name is British now is the time to change it. it began with Moonie British, then Roy Fowl who was only buried 4 days ago.

Now Oney British is also dead. These men were at one point almost untouchable at the height of the British Link Up crew.

There seems to be an attempt to erase the members of the crew as it is unlikely these are random killings so close to each other.

Who Killed Oney British?

Could be anyone, he came from the era where his crew were top dogs and could have enemies from years ago.

Sometimes people see high profile men killed and think it is some recent dispute and that is not the case.

Sometimes its an old enemy who sense a moment of weakness and take advantage of it.

If Oney British or Roy Fowl knew they had beef with someone, they would not be driving around alone.

The fact Oney British was so comfortable to drive on Mountain View Road alone shows that he had absolutely no idea he was being targeted.

He became a family man in his later life, but he wasn’t always that way.

A lot of people will be crying and saying he didn’t trouble anybody, especially if they met him recently.

That might well be true but in the game the British Link Up played in, there is no expiration date on conflict so even if you change your life, someone might still come for you.


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