capleton rape
capleton charged for rape

It seems “Babylon” really can’t hold down the Rasta Man. Capleton has been freed of all rape charges and is now dancing all the way to Bobo Hill.

He was freed after appearing at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday.

As usual the case was messed up by the Police and the prosecution team. They did not come right the first time and attempted to bring new evidence which the judge dismissed.

The hearing was held to see if there is enough evidence for the case to go trial.

After looking at the evidence, the judge determined this was a waste of time and threw the case in the garbage bin.

Supporters of Capleton are now saying this proves that the case was a scam from day one and justice has prevailed.

Supporters of the woman who accused are however arguing that this is just another example of the justice system tripping over its own shoes lace.

Whichever side you agree with, Capleton is now a free man and is back to chanting his fire.

The incident that lead to the “Fire Man” being arrested occurred April 28th, 2018.

It was alleged that the “Fire Ball” was in a New Kingston hotel room with a female hair dresser.

She claims Capleton then forced her to have sex with him. She proceeded to file a report and the entertainer was arrested and charged.

He received bail shortly after and was waiting for this hearing to know whether or not he would have to go court and face the system.

The evidence was submitted was shaky at best and poorly assembled(as usual).

The “Fire Man” lawyer chopped up the Police case like chicken parts and had them scrambling to save the case.

In the end, Capleton walked out the court delighted of the news. He is probably somewhere smoking a chalice right now and laughing at “Babylon”.


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