A shocking video has emerged of a Policeman being attacked and chopped by a mentally ill man in Christiana, Manchester.

The CCTV video shows the moment the officer was riding on the street and the man swung the machete across his chest. The officer fell off his bike and tried to run but was chased by the madman who injured him again with the machete.

A licensed firearm holder saw the incident taking place and shot the madman and injured him. This bystander ended up saving the Police man’s life as the man was hell-bent on killing the Police officer it seems.

These mentally ill people are often allowed to walk up and down on the streets of Jamaica freely. If he can do this to a Policeman, imagine what he would do to a school student. The issue here is that we are too reactive as a society.

Everyone will know that someone is mentally ill but no one, including the Police, tries to disarm them until somebody is injured or dead. The Policeman is in serious condition but luckily he survived.


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