This is a new low, even for Kanye West. Is there no limit to how far he is willing to stoop?

Kanye West has recently come out as a Republican! What is he thinking?

How dare a full grown man make up his own mind and come to his own conclusions. Who does he think he is, a free man?

As a black man, Kanye West is supposed to vote Democrat until the day he dies. The Democrats love blacks so much that they gave their only begotten son to save us and the favour must be returned with votes.

What kind of “real black man” thinks for himself?

If you are an African American and do not support the Democrats and their policies then you are a sellout! Who do you think you are trying to find real solutions instead of listening to the same nonsense we have been hearing for the past 50 years.

The Democrats have been in control of black populated areas for decades and look how great those cities have turned out. Black areas that Democrats have failed but still get votes


Has been under Democrat rule since 1962- 56 years.


Has been under Democrat for since 1947. Only one Republican has ever run the city since then.


This city aka “Chiraq” because it is so violent has been under Democrat for 84 years

Group thinkers are bullies

The weakest humans are the ones that cannot think for themselves. They need to the safety and comfort of the group to make them feel validated.

They see and hear the facts but reject or ignore them out of fear that they will be ostracised by the group.

Kanye West is now a “coon”, “uncle Tom” etc. because he doesn’t support the party that does nothing but break up black families.

How dare him not support the wife of the man who sent more black men to prison than any other in modern history.

Bill Clinton sent more black men to jail than Trump can dream of

The evidence is out there. Bill Clinton’s mass incarceration bill was devastating to the black community, it broke up families and took men out the home. Evidence here

He countered this by placing all kinds of “free” things at the doorstep of African Americans, especially the women. This led to the rewriting of history and Bill Clinton is remembered as some kind of pro-Black saviour.

How dare Kanye West not join forces with these people? I might not be Trump’s biggest fan but the idea that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton are these pro-black figures who have and are helping black people is ridiculous.


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