hanover coote
hanover coote

Jayanna Coote and Shanique Coote were killed alongside their mother Abanique Cunningham yesterday in Hanover.

The main suspect is the Carl Coote, father of the children in a crime that has shocked the quiet community of Green Island, Hanover.

Neighbours reported seeing the man running down the road with a machete in his hand. When they went to investigate they saw the girls and their mothers with neck wounds and laying in a pool of blood.

she was pregnant at the time, but not for him

The house that Abanique and the children lived burned down six years ago and this made the children have to live with their father.

Abanique did not live with him as they were separated and she had a new man. She was also pregnant with that man’s child at the time of her death.

Neighbours reported that she was about eight months pregnant and was close to giving birth to her child.

unknown why he killed the children as well

The attack on the mother could be theorised as a crime of passion and jealousy, but the attack on his own daughters is what truly makes this case astonishing.

This was not a stepfather killing his stepchildren, these were his own flesh and blood. Whatever the motives are, the end result doesn’t change; three lives were taken in a senseless act of violence.

The father was a vendor who sold conch and other seafood by the beach in Hanover. By all reports, he was not a known criminal but these type of killers never are.

These cases of domestic killings are often done by seemingly “normal” people, who in a moment transform into barbarians.

The man was arrested and taken into custody by the Hanover police and is now being questioned. the police are also asking for anyone with information to get in touch with them.


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