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The Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is about to take place this weekend and no matter how hard I try, I just don’t care.

Everyone keeps telling me how this is meant to be some sort of symbol of progression. The high and mighty Royal Prince is about to marry a “commoner”!

First of all, if you are the kind of person that regularly uses “commoner” as part of your vocabulary, you need to get your head checked and you have much bigger issues to worry about than this wedding.

This is 2018. The British Royal Family is as modern as a cassette player.

The Monarchy is long outdated and really have no place in a modern society. Still, they do have their fans and supporters.

A lot of people seem to really enjoy the idea of fairy tale kingdoms that involves prince and princesses. Nothing is wrong with that, we all have our vices I suppose.

What is farcical, is that idea that somehow this should mean something to black people. We are now being told that this is proof that not just Britain has changed, but the Royal family.

The great Prince has chosen a half black woman to be his bride; PROGRESS.

The problem with this is it implies that somehow she is the lucky one. Take away the “Royalty” and Meghan Markle would most likely walk pass Harry and not take a second look.

Being a real-life Prince has its perks, one of them including having the media convince people that somehow Harry is the kind of guy women have fantasies about.

One woman wrote a filthy article claiming that this wedding gives black women hope Article Here.

Black women, do you think so low of yourself that you need to see someone who is partially black get married to a British Royal to feel good about yourselves? WOW. How the mighty have fallen.

I see “sisters” online raving about the union, not because they are happy for the couple, but because this somehow proves that they are desirable.

The whole thing has turned into a circus and exposed the lust for white approval so many “sisters” have. The swirling movement is out in full force and they are using this as their crowning moment.

People can date who they want, that is not the problem. The issues arise when a marriage between two people is used as ammunition to bash and belittle black men and black couples.

The posts on Twitter urging black women to forget “Jerome” and get a “Brandon” are starting to pick up momentum.

This is not Harry’s fault or Meghan Markle. The lust for swirling has always been bubbling underneath for a lot of our “sisters”. Meghan just made in ok to go mainstream.

I wish the couple all the best(honestly), I just don’t care about their Royal Wedding and the phoney tale of rich white Royal marries a lowly black commoner.

Check out my previous article where I called out the nonsense that was going on around the initial announcing of the wedding Article Here


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