santa fe shooting

A student has been detained after allegedly carrying out a mass shooting at the Santa Fe high school in Texas. So far there has been 8 confirmed dead with a dozen being injured.

These figures are liable to change as the Police search the entire complex and find out the extent of the damage this shooter has done.

There was a second student detained for questioning but it is not known whether they played the role of an accomplice or was in the wrong place at that wrong time.

The expected political messages have already started to come in from social media

The shooter was a student of the high school

A policeman was also injured in the attack on the school, he was taken to hospital for treatment of his injuries.

When the shooting started, the fire alarm was set off to warn the students. Unfortunately, a lot of them thought it was a fire drill and did not take it seriously.

santa fe school shooting

Security forces are now searching for suspect explosives that could have been left behind by the shooter

As usual, the debate has started again about gun laws and gun control. Every time these shootings occur, the same people argue the same thing online for a couple days and then it is forgotten until the next mass shooting.

We will update as more information comes in……..


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