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The latest social trending person is a girl who goes by the name mackerel(@mackerelofficial1). She is currently under fire for her home wrecking stance but how is she different from Shenseea, Ishawna etc?

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Mackerel claims that people man nice, in other words she enjoys being with men who are already in relationships.

In Jamaica we would call her a professional matey, in American culture they say side chick.

As soon as she came on the scene, the backlash was immediate.

Suddenly people started claiming morals and standards. People started talking about bad influence on kids and all kinds of fake righteous nonsense.

Selective Morality

These same people are the ones who jump up when they hear Shenseea say “if me take weh your man me a keep dat”.

The same people who jump up when Tifa said “wine matey wine, bruk out and matey wine”

The same people who jump up when Ishawna talks about “tek a gal man”.

The same females who scream when the selector says “all the girls dat a tek a next girl man scream”.

So why is Mackerel being treated like a disease by dancehall culture? The honest answer is prejudice.

Shenseea is considered “pretty” so she gets a pass, likewise Tifa, Ishawna and the other females who have been bragging matey culture for years.

No disrespect to Mackerel but she is not what our culture would consider to be attractive.

I can imagine she has had a hard time growing up and being called all sorts of names.

This young lady is being taken advantage of by the same people who mock her.

They realise she has a hype now and they are jumping on the wagon. When the hype fades away, they wont even allow her in the stores they are making her promote now.

This is a classic case of the hypocrisy, exploitation and double standard culture we have in Jamaica.

Mackerel is just the latest person but they will soon toss her aside and find someone new.

She is not wrecking homes, your man did a give you bun long before Mackerel turned up on the scene and it will continue long after.

She is just highlighting matey culture with a less attractive package.

You praise Shenseea, Ishawna, Tifa etc. for singing about the same things, why don’t you accuse them of wrecking homes.

No woman can make a man leave his family so this is just smoke and mirrors.

People are blaming this girl for a culture that has been present before she was even born.

Now maybe I am missing something here, so this question still stands!

What is the difference between what Mackerel is saying and what Ishawna, Shenseea etc are saying?


  1. Same question I asked …. smh if u don’t have certain things in life u won’t be recognized for sure 🙄 god bless the ones that’s tried to help themselves because we are living in a world full of hatred
    This girl is just being happy and trying to make people happy as well . It’s so obvious that she had a rough childhood and she is trying to enjoy her life now I don’t see she doing anything negative here she is just speaking fact and what people need to understand is that this girl is not actually talking people man she is just using that as her slang just like how one a them artist say a good ole a do it and another say whatever they want them need to leave the girl make she prosper !!!!!!!!

    • Facts. If she actually takes away somebody man then that man wasn’t theirs from day one.

      She is just another entertainer, she is being attacked because of her looks and background, total double standards.


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