An alleged thief had a rough day at the “office” on Sunday. Things started off well for him as he allegedly grabbed a woman’s phone and was getting ready to escape the scene.

He was accosted by a security guard as he was trying to flee and he thought that was the worst of it, he was wrong.

A group of bystanders who heard the woman screaming for help then proceeded to attack the alleged robber. The security guard tried to stop them but that was always going to be a hard task.

The crowd took the man away from the security guard and proceeded to go full Mike Tyson on him. Not the old washed up Tyson that lost to Kevin Mcbride, the young Tyson that knocked people out in 30 seconds.

Other security guards tried to rescue the man but they also had a hard time trying to save him from the Mob. Eventually, some Police officers came and rescued the man, much to the annoyance of the crowd who wanted the man to be left to jungle justice.


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