This case continues to be weirder as the days go by. The pictures of Kenneka Jenkins body lying dead in the freezer has been released to the public. Just to refresh Kenneka Jenkins was the girl that went partying with her friends and ended dead in a freezer details of case here

In the images, you can see the teenager lying in a corner with one air Jordan shoes on her feet and the other on the opposite side of the room. There are clear bruises on her lower limbs and smears on the wall that suggests she was in some form of struggle or distress before she died.

The pictures raise more questions than answers. The case was closed as it was concluded that she walked into the freezer by herself and died of hypothermia. Judging by these pictures of Kenneka Jenkins body, that does not seem to be the case at all. Of course, this is not CSI and we are not forensic experts. The facts are, things don’t add up for what was supposed to be a straightforward case of accidental death.

The facts are, things don’t add up

The role her “friends” played in her death seems to be completely ignored by the police. Why are they not grilling those kids harder, there is alot of video footage that shows that she was with her friends that night. Hard to believe none of them saw her go down there or even notice her missing from the group? They need to all come back in for more questions as there is alot more than meets the eye.

This little girl deserves justice and it does not seem she is getting it right now. This is a good example for parents, to show their children that their so-called friends will quickly turn deaf and dumb if anything happens to them. Let’s hope this opens up the case files again.


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