It’s funny how as soon as nature gets angry nobody is a tough guy anymore. Hurricane Irma is set to cause devastation in the Caribbean and the south of the United States. I sincerely hope that the death and destruction is kept to a minimum but that is likely wishful thinking. All the guns, fighter jets, and helicopters in a nation’s arsenal means nothing when the real superpower turns up.

Puerto Rico and St. Thomas are next in her path and if Irma is anything like the Irma I know, there will be nothing but pain and sorrow for everyone. The best case scenario is the storm starts to weaken and countries like Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Cuba etc. just get a lot of rain. This might also mean severe flooding so really it’s just looking bad all round. One thing is certain, people will pick themselves up and rebuild as nothing brings out the best and worst in us like a great tragedy. I will ask my mother to pray for them!


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