Boxing is often accused of being a fixed scam and the fight between Anthony Joshua and Carlos Takam shows why. That stoppage was one of the worst I have seen in a while, the fact that it happened on British soil will only make it look worse. Anthony Joshua is overrated, every non-British boxing fan knows this.

He is a cash cow for his promoters, he fills out stadiums and is all around good for business. But, to make this guy out to be a great boxing champ is pathetic. A boxer like Deontay Wilder will knock Joshua out. He is too slow, too unfit and too predictable. He looks like he is in shape but in truth, his muscular physique might actually be the reason for his slowness. Joshua himself knows it and this video below proves it.

The referee could not wait to end the fight. Don’t get me wrong, fights should clearly be stopped when a fighter is out of it and can no longer defend themselves, like the Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight. This was not the case in the Joshua vs Takam fight. That fight was heading for 12 rounds! But that’s bad for business, see they need him to be 20 fights, 20 knockouts.

This is why you cannot judge a fighter purely based on his statistics. On paper, he looks like a boxing genius but in reality, Anthony Joshua is overrated. The British media will continue to hype him up and proclaim him to be some kind of second coming, but he will be brought back down like Ricky Hatton. You can come back and check here when it does happen and I will be saying I told you so.

I would not advise any America fighter to go to on British soil to fight Anthony Joshua if they want a fair fight. The odds are clearly stacked against them from the start, plus they will have to get a knockout to win as any sort of decision will only go one way. Let’s get this Deontay Wilder fight set up ASAP, we need to see this bubble burst and boxing get back some sort of credibility.


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