Another one bites the dust. Ruel Reid has been fired as he Minister of Education by PM Andrew Holness.

Officially he has “resigned’ but that’s just dressing things up. He got sacked, simple as that.

The Prime Minister indirectly stated this with his own words when he addressed the issue in Parliament.

He was quoted as saying ” In keeping with the principles of good governance, I requested and received Minister Reid’s resignation”.

That sounds like Ruel Reid didn’t have a choice in the matter and had to pack up his scandal bag and leave the position with immediate effect.

it is alleged that there is widespread corruption between the Caribbean Maritime Institute and the allocation of funds it gets from the Ministry of Education.

Dr Peter Phillips called out the government for the misuse of public funds and immediately placed the PM on the back foot.

This time however, PM Andrew Holness was far more decisive than the shambles that followed the PetroJam scandal.

In that instance, the PM was hesitant and appeared to be soft on corruption and he was rightly called out for this.

It seems he has learned his lesson and this time around he was swift in getting rid of Minister Ruel Reid.

This is the type of action that Jamaican people should demand from their leaders whether its the green or orange side.

The days of Politicians and their ‘links’ getting away with bleeding public funds and fattening their own pockets must be brought to an end.

To make things worse, Ruel Reid has also lost his place in the Senate. it seems his political career has fallen into a deep pothole and all four tyres burst one time.

He will need a good tyre man to get him back on the road after this!


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