Rapper Cardi B has been caught up in a scandal as she got emotional and confessed that she used to trick men, drug them and rob them in hotel rooms.

The video of her admission can be found below

The stunning admission lead to a backlash on Twitter with many using the hashtag #survivingcardib.

This is a play on the fact that lately a lot of men have been arrested or lost their careers because of sexual misconduct.

Social media users are calling out the double standards that a female is now admitting that she use to drug and rob men and nothing is being done about it.

If a man had uttered the same words, the #metoo movement would destroy him instantly.

Cardi B responded by deleting her Twitter account and going missing. She normally does this for a couple days when there is a huge scandal around her name.

Then she will turn up again in a couple days and start posting her videos and act “real” so her followers can get their dose of excitement that she provides.

Remember Bill Cosby who was once so popular he was called “America’s Dad” lost his freedom and reputation for placing drugs in women drinks back in the day.

He argues that it was voluntary drug usage but the #metoo movement argues that anytime you drug someone, you are taking advantage of them.

Well, Cardi B tricked these men into thinking she was going to have sex with them. In other words she pretended to be a prostitute.

She would then allegedly take them to an hotel room, give them something to drink, drug them and then steal from these men and disappear.

The fact that she would confess this and try to make her self sound like the victim is truly remarkable.

Some are claiming she will lose her career for this but over here we know better.

Cardi B has female privilege. She will be given a pass and this story will be forgotten soon.

they will bring up how hard her life was and her fans shout down anyone who tries to call her out for this blatantly criminal act.

History has shown that people are only for justice when its someone they don’t like.


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