The Showtime headline fight between Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas has been declared a draw.

The fight was a close one with both fighters landing heavy punches on each other. This was a decent comeback for Adrien Broner who was more willing to engage and throw punches than in his previous two bouts.

Jessi Vargas did what was expected of him but in the end, he could not find the killer blow to knockout Adrien Broner.

In the end, this is probably a fair result. Neither fighter really dominated the fights and we had the rounds tied at ann even six each.

After the fight, there was a memorable confrontation between Adrien Broner and Jessi Vargas with both seeming to be dissatisfied with the injuries they inflicted on each other.

This is exactly why people tune in to Adrien Broner fights as it is sure to be entertaining. This still was not a win for Broner and that is what he really needed to get his career back on track.

Still, he showed that there is still life left in him and it will give his fans something to be hopeful about. There should be a rematch between Vargas and Broner which is sure to draw big numbers again.

There was a moment where Adrien made a fool of himself by saying “I beat you like they beat Martin Luther King”. Clearly, he meant Rodney King and even so that comment is really low and uncalled for especially from a black man.

Then again, nobody watches Adrien Broner for his intelligence so this will not change anything at the end of the day.

Look out for the rematch!


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