Once again, evil shows its ugly face BBC Reporting Over 50 Dead, Nearly 500 injured The Las Vegas Shooting has wakened us out of our proverbial sleep as clearly, we were getting too used to not hearing about massacres in America. I was actually enjoying not having to see friends and family on the floor crying for their dead loved ones, I was enjoying not seeing some idiot mass murderer get their image plastered all over the news and made infamous as usual. I was enjoying not having to hear about the murderer’s bad childhood and how nobody hugged them enough when they were teeny weeny babies, well that’s all over now.

I was enjoying not having to hear about the murderer’s bad childhood and how nobody hugged them enough when they were teeny weeny babies

I will not be doing that clown any favours by even mentioning his name on this site, I will leave that to the bigger ‘news’ sites that will do anything to get some extra clicks. What I am going to do now is predict what is going to happen over the coming weeks. This is due to close observation of every major tragedy in the United States Of America. Feel free to come back and tell me how wrong I was if I turn out to be wrong.

The first 24 hours will be nothing but confusion and misinformation. Media companies will be scrambling to be the first to break stories and will end up putting out alot of false information, this will be used to add to the conspiracy theories that will pop up later on. The next 48 hours will be when the killer’s photo will be all over your television sets. There will be alot of ‘experts’ trying to tap into the mind of the savage to try and provide a rational reason for him carrying out such an act.

The first 24 hours will be nothing but confusion and misinformation

The race and religion will help shape the narrative for the person(s) who are responsible for the Las Vegas Shooting. If the person is Muslim/immigrant, I don’t have to tell you what is going to be said as it’s been said before over and over. If it’s a white male, there will be a deep dive into their childhood to try and see how this could have happened. I mean he couldn’t just be murderous savage with a messed up cause, apparently, there must be some deep underlying issue that drove them to this sort of violent action. Naturally, the conclusion will likely be mental illness.

If the shooter is black, grab your popcorn and get ready for the diatribe that will follow. I am fairly sure this is not the action of a black gang member though, they mostly kill other black people and not white people at music festivals. Of course, you can always come back to tell me I am wrong but I am confident I am not.

Once the identity of the shooter is established, the next battle will be between the left and the right. Gun control will be the name of the game, the right will counter and defend the 2nd amendment. They will point out that gun laws would not have stopped a mass murdering terrorist from carrying out this act as they would not be following the law anyway. This battle will likely completely overshadow the people who were dead and injured, as usual, it will no longer be about the victims but pushing a political agenda, thus totally missing the chance to learn from this tragedy in Las Vegas.

In about a week to 10 days time, the American public would have completely moved on and forgotten all about the Las Vegas Shooting. They will be back reading up on what they really care about; what dress Kim Kardashian is wearing and who Rihanna is having sex with now. This is the reality of the situation unfortunately, violence, as we saw in the Las Vegas Shooting, has been normalised for quite some time now. People have become immune to it and will quickly move on once it doesn’t involve their own family or friends.


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