The most expensive thing you can get is something for free. Whenever you hear the word free, your antennas should automatically go off. Whether it’s politics, business or even relationships the word free should make you get nervous.

nothing within an economy is free

Any politician that runs a campaign on giving things away for free is either ignorant or a scammer. There is no such thing as free healthcare or free education. When these services are offered as free, look out for an increase in taxes and national debt. In return for this “free” service, you better make sure you vote for them.Not only do you still pay for it through your pay slip but the service is worse than if you had paid for it yourself.

An admirer who gives you money to shop and pay your bills isn’t giving you anything for free. In return, they expect access to your body and mind. You thought the money to buy dream weekend tickets or go to the hairdresser was charity? hell no, you gonna have to “work” it out back. Don’t believe me? stop spending and see what happens.

These are just a few examples but there are many more. The reason why the word free is passed around so much is because it is effective. One of the best ways to capture someone’s attention is to let them believe they can get something for nothing. Humans by nature always want to get more than they give, so the word free is the best way to lure them in and deceive them.

The next time someone offers you something for free, ask them these questions;

* who pays for it if I don’t?

* what do you get out of this?

* what do you want in return?

This then clears up any issues that may arise later. The last thing you want to hear is, “I thought you understood that…”. By clearing up what free really entails, you prevent yourself being tied to an psychological contract that might cost you more than if you had just paid upfront.

** Notice this site sends you a request to get posts sent to you at “no cost to you”. I could have said free but then I would be lying because it costs to do this just not the person who subscribes, but the site owner. I want people to come back and hopefully when enough comes back we can start to see some income from this site in the long term.


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