I know this might be a surprise to some but, there are other countries in the world apart from America, Britain and Canada. Why not go see the rest of the world, there are a lot of interesting countries and cultures out there. These places do not require a Visa, so just book your ticket and visit. I didn’t bother adding the Caricom countries because that is common knowledge now!

Hong Kong – one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It has all the luxury shopping you can find in America/Europe but without the immigration hassle.

Indonesia – love experiencing great cultures? this is for you. The flight is very long though but it’s worth it.

Israel – Religious and history students, this one is for you. Watch out for those Hamas missiles though, they come over every now and then.

Kenya – Why not take a trip to the motherland? beauty and history await you. The rural areas are where the true beauty is, the capital looks just like most major cities.

Kiribati – You probably never heard of this place and neither have your friends. Be the one to brag about going somewhere unique. Kiribati info

Lesotho – Think of it as a smaller version of South Africa(it is completely encircled by South Africa) but without the crime and violence. Beautiful place to visit, don’t forget your cameras. Lesotho BBC profile

Mexico – One word; Cancun.

Peru – This is a must for all you history lovers. The artefacts and structures of the ancient inhabitants will blow your mind. Home of the Mayans and their genius architecture.

Singapore – Similar to Hong Kong, very prosperous and safe. be careful with your littering though, unlike Jamaica they take their communities and streets cleanliness very seriously.

Here is a full list of the countries your Jamaican passport can travel to visa-free list


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