For the ladies out there who are tired of spending lots of money on creams that claim they prevent wrinkles or simply afford them listen up. One of the ways you cause wrinkles to come prematurely is to wipe your face with a rag. You know that motion where you take the rag and drag it up and down on your face? stop it.

Pat your face dry! like a lot of other problems in life, the answer is really not that complicated. When you wipe your face you stretch and drag out the elasticity of your skin and this is what speeds up those crow feet looking wrinkles at the corner of some women’s eyes. of course, this is not the sole cause as some women are genetically inclined to get wrinkles early but it is definitely not a case of you are all destined to wrinkles at 40.

Next time you wash your face, pat it dry and keep your eyes open. look at what happens to your skin when you pat it dry versus when you wipe it. You can thank me in 10 years time for saving you lots money 🙂


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