jamaican police

We have all heard the term before, it is used to describe infamous ex-cops. Now clearly I am not that bright, so I would appreciate it if someone can explain to me what a “badman police” is? to my ears that is an oxymoron(a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction). One cannot be a “badman police”, you are either a police or a badman.

That is as ridiculous as saying; good paedophile, tall midget, virtuous rapist, righteous murder, honest thief etc. What are you people smoking? if a Policeman can be called a badman police then clearly the line is blurred as to who is on which side. No officer who upholds and enforces the law can ever get the title “badman” attached to him. Why are these cops so proud to be called by this ridiculous term.

No wonder the country is so bloody, even the police are “badman” too. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised as this is the land where people tell you that X don is good cause he only kills men and women over a certain age but Y don is bad because he kills teenagers HAHAHA. Have to take bad things make joke sometimes.

FYI I checked the numbers, a lot of these police officers you all claim scared criminals, crime still increased during their time. I challenge anyone to show the evidence and numbers to back up their “achievements”. Just another legend passed on from person to person like Santa Claus stories.


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