Rachel Sukhdeo has been arrested. The wife of former businessman Sheron Sukhdeo was taken into custody by members of the Police who were accompanied by bailiffs.

They came to confiscate two vehicles that are now the property of the bank. When the men came for the vehicle, she protested and was taken into custody but not until after a struggle.

The bailiff and Police might end up getting in trouble as well as the manner in which they were grabbing her can be a serious offence in Trinidad.

They are supposed to get a female officer to do those sort of manhandling and in this case, it was done by men.

Now that Sheron is dead she will be targeted

When Sheron Sukhdeo was alive, his family was untouchable. Now that he is gone, they are like sitting ducks. A lot of people who had old scores to settle with them will now see this as the perfect opportunity to go on the attack.

Rachel has turned the house into a fortress

As you can see, she has added barb wire above the walls of the house. This is likely due to the fact that her husband was killed and she thinks her and the kids might also get harmed.

It must be quite a shock for the kids to go from happy and carefree to becoming prisoners in their own home.

There are also reports of money being stolen from the family already and this police confiscation of the vehicles plus her arrest has made things worse.


Rachel Sukhdeo has been granted bail and is released now. She was charged with the language and resisting arrest but don’t expect anything major to come out of those charges as they are very minor.

Things have changed so quickly for this family, one minute all is well and the next minute its hell.



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