Popular radio host Charlamagne Tha God(Lenard McKelvey) has been accused of raping a 15-year-old woman in 2001. The young woman’s name is Jessica Reid and she told her story to Starr the radio host.

These allegations have a bit more legs than the usual accusations as there was actually an arrest and court case.

Charlamagne was taken before the courts for the charge and he accepted a plea deal. That means that the incident did occur, the only thing Charlamagne can argue is that it was consensual.

The only problem with that, Jessica Reid was only 15 years old at the time. This would make this a case of statutory rape anyway as she was underage.

The Radio Host is on the popular show “The Breakfast Club” and is known for awarding various people “Donkey of the day” when they say or do something foolish.

Now it seems @CTHAGOD might have to give himself the award. He has mentioned in the past that he was arrested but he claimed it was for a light drug offence.

Well, this case did involve drugs according to the young lady. She claims she was picked up at her house by Charlamagane and taken to a party.

While there he proceeded to give her drinks and she noticed afterwards that she started to feel weak and dizzy.

She would later wake up to find the radio host and New York Times Bestseller on top of her, penetrating her.

There are court documents that show the incident did happen and it was reported to the Police. That helps the Jessica as normally people say “why didn’t you report it when it happened”.

She did report it and he was arrested and took a plea. @CTHAGOD has a lot of questions to answer as these are serious allegations.

Lately, he converted to being a super righteous liberal. These are the types that we normally hear these allegations against, alas Russel Simmons and Harvey Weinstein.


  1. Interesting you didn’t mention what he’s plea deal was for 🤔, understandable you want your article to get a lot of view, but making it seem like he a plea on rape discredit you.

    • And your lack of understanding about plea deals discredits you.

      If I rob someone and shoot them, if given the chance to take a plea deal for a lesser charge like assault then that is what I accept the plea for. it is not what I did but it is what I will be “punished” for.

      Charlamagne lied and said this happened when he was 20 and could not have bought alcohol himself. The court docs showed this happened when he was 23. This lie alone should make you question everything else he claims but you rather believe than know.

      Go read the court documents yourself…………….


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