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The community of Waltham Park was shocked this morning to discover the bodies of Patrick Cowan and his wife Roulene Clarke Cowan on the side of the road.

Upon further inestigations, it turns out Patrick had killed his wife Roulene and then turned the gun on himself.

The whole incident happened in broad daylight and despite having frequent incidents of violence in the area, this one still shocked resident.

It is being reported that Mrs Cowan was trying to leave her husband and he was accusing her of being unfaithful to him.

Residents reported hearing the female victim begging for her life as she tried to run from her chasing husband.

He managed to catch up with her and killed her in cold blood.

He then decided it was better to end his life than face his day in court.

The couple’s daughter was allegedly a witness to the whole thing, we can only hope this isn’t true.

What is certain however is that that child is now an orphan.

Both husband and wife were correctional workers.

The great irony is that a man who guards prisoners ended up committing such a savage act of murder.

Maybe that is the reason he would rather die than go to prison? a warder who ends up in a prison cell next to people he used to guard is the ultimate irony.

There are videos being circulated on some blogs and social media but we will not repost them over here.

We do not want that sort of energy on Kijana Waasi and think the wife especially deserves to be treated with some dignity instead of her lifeless body being paraded around like a circus act.

We will keep you updated as we get more information about this shocking murder in the Waltham Park community.


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