2019 is not Calabar High School’s year. They are now caught up in another scandal, this time involving student Khalil Muhammad and his alleged ganja cakes.

The student was expelled in February after school officials discoverd that he was selling cake on campus.

These were not your Granny Christmas cakes however, these were of a much higher grade.

Khalil Muhammad was expelled for two reasons officially.

First charge was ” violations of the school’s policy regarding the sale and use of prohibited substances on the premises.”

This charge came after the school says they carried out their own investigations and found him to be selling the prohibited substance during class hours on school grounds.

The second charge Khalil received was ” Persistent violation of the school’s no-vending policy in spite of previous disciplinary actions.”

In other words this was not the first time they spoke to him about his vending on school campus.

The young man has come out denying the allegations, which is expected to be honest.

What was he going to do? tell his parents their darling son is selling ganja cakes in school?

His father Saeed Muhammad seems to believe his sons story as he is demanding answers as to why his son was expelled.

Saeed is worried that with CXC so close, his son will not get a chance to take his exams.

He says his son was only selling “gummy bears”.

The father then went on to utter words that were meant to defend his son but ended up making him look worse.

Saeed Muhammad said ” Mr Fagan showed me his record on the laptop and there was nothing about vending. Fighting, gambling and wrong haircut were there and them still never charge him for those things, not even a warning.”

In other words Khalil Muhammad has been a consistent trouble maker at Calabar High School.

The Dean of Discipline showed this man his sons record and despite it being so long, the father cannot understand why Calabar finally got rid of him.

Khalil claims he is innocent and the only reason he got expelled is because he was not a member of the infamous track team.

It seems the student is implying that they can get away with anything and recent events back up his argument.

Still, both sides are holding firm on their side of the battle lines.

Calabar maintains that he was a trouble making, ganja cake selling student and Muhammad claims he is innocent.

Let’s see how this one ends but either way it’s another bad PR day for Calabar.


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