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By now you are probably aware of the fact that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has committed suicide. He hung himself in his hotel room on June 8th.

The question everyone is asking is why a successful man would kill himself? the answer is probably a lot of factors but one of them was surely his relationship with his girlfriend Asia Argento.

She has come out playing the role of the heartbroken girlfriend, who is traumatised that the love of her life is dead.

What she is forgetting to tell you is that she was with another man the day before Anthony Bourdain killed himself.

She was seen in Italy with journalist Hugo Clement. She was so in love with Anthony that she left his shoot in Florence and ended up in Rome playing kissy face with another man.

hugo clement

Asia Argento was one of the first women who made the world know that she traded sex for some roles in Hollywood. She became the face of the movement against Harvey Weinstein and will be re-releasing a film she made about the “sexual assault” she endured from Harvey Weinstein.

asia argento

Anthony Bourdain stood by this woman’s side and supported her during her #metoo campaigns. He was in love with her and she knew it.

Anthony was 61 years old, like a lot of old men that age he went looking for love from a much younger one. One who was in show business at that.

He was divorced a couple times and was extremely vulnerable. Knowing all this, Asia Argento went to cuddle up in Hugo Clement’s arms.

She needs to explain to her so-called fans and Anthony’s why the day after she was in Rome, locked up in another man’s arms, Anthony decides to kill himself.

What a coincidence!

The mainstream media refuses to call her out on this because apparently, she is a victim and therefore immune to questioning.

The evidence is damning and Asia Argento should come forward and answer these allegations. If she was his girlfriend(the role she is claiming now), what was she doing with another man and what role did that play in his suicide.

Link to story of Asia Argento with Hugo Clement


  1. Thank God someone is saying this. Asia Argento is at the least a contributor to Anthony Bourdain’s death. She hurt him so bad taking his life was the only way he could hurt her back. I have been searching the net for days asking questions only to get the redirected DON’T BLAME ASIA ARGENTO. It was the first time I understood how much our media was being controlled. Both Rose McGowan and Asia used every man they could get close to including using Bourdain as their posted boy for what they consider as their me too movement.


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