Cristiano Ronaldo proves yet again why he is the best player in the world right now. This guy is a machine! All the ‘experts’ claim he would be slowing down at his age, they also claim he would be replaced by Bale by now as the leading guy in the Madrid team. Like most other times, they were wrong.

He came on with half an hour to go in El Classico with a stadium full of people who hate him(secretly they are fans). He could have sunk into his shell, especially since that last minute Classico defeat that hurt them so badly last season. Great players like Ronaldo just can’t do that, they have to step up and make their presence felt. The way he sprinted like an 18-year-old to catch the ball, turn Pique inside out and lash the ball home was a sight to behold.

Now he had his goal, surely he has already written the headlines right? Nope, not Ronaldo. He gets taken down and is the ref makes a terrible decision to award him the yellow for diving. Ronaldo then proceeds to shove the referee in the back before he walks off the field. Even though the decision was wrong, Ronaldo should not have put his hands on the ref even if it wasn’t exactly a punch from Mike Tyson. He has now been given a 5 match ban, this could be reduced but nevertheless, he is still king of the headlines in football. He came, he scored, he left.


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