Terrorism shows its ugly face again. There have been 13 people dead and over 100 injured in Barcelona and that figure might rise. As you can imagine the residents and tourists of that city are now in a state of shock and disbelief, not to mention the uncertainty of what is going to happen to their daily lives now this has happened.
Barcelona is a city I have visited so I know the place of attack well. It is a very vibrant and busy location, which was probably why the cowards decided to attack there as it is always crowded with people.

There has a number of vehicle attacks lately, it seems this is the new weapon of choice for the termites who carry out these kinds of attacks. I don’t wanna hear no nonsense about how they are poor and disenfranchised, there is no justification for this sort of blatant savagery! No doubt the Crusaders who defend these guys will be out of in full force. What makes this even more interesting is that the usual excuses don’t work in this case.

With America or Britain the argument is, these countries drop bombs of these Muslim countries and that radicalised the attackers. Spain isn’t exactly the Conquering Imperialist nation it once was, I mean they didn’t play a major role in Any of our recent wars and Barcelona is Particular is not exactly the world’s most feared superpower. This is a region that is actually trying to separate from Spain at the moment. Catalans are so laid back, they might as well be lounge chairs. They are almost like a Caribbean country in how chilled they are, not saying they are saints over there just making it clear this is not a big bad bully that pushes poor countries around.

In Nice, France there was an attack by a truck driver that killed 86 people and injured almost 500. London and Berlin have also seen their fair share of vehicle attacks. I can’t help but wonder if the Liberal Left will start demanding that cars be banned? after all, it is the exact same situation with gun massacres in America. Whenever there is a major attack, they all scream gun control! We need to change the laws, we need this and we need that. Their argument is because America has so many guns, that is why there are so many killings there. Well, Europe has no gun problems and see what happens? Killers use cars to kill people! The issue is not with the weapon people use to kill, the issue is with people who kill.

Until we stop using lazy logic to treat serious problems (more guns equal more mass shootings) then we will never solve any of these problems. Human beings are experts at killing, long before the gun was ever invented. Matter of fact, if you take away every gun from the earth, people would just go back to killing each other with spears and bow and arrows. There might even be some death by stoning, although to be fair that is still happening in some countries. Gun laws only affect law abiding citizens because they are the only ones who follow laws and rules. If that simple concept cannot be grasped then that is only further proof that America’s education system is producing robots and not logical and rational thinkers.


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