Too Many Options

In days gone by, people only knew and met people in their community and City at most. This meant that when you meet someone, you probably also know their family and friends too. You could get a character reference and have a better idea of who you are getting involved with. Because options were limited, you have to cherish the people you met who were in your age group and had similar interests. Even though there were no social media platforms, people were closer then and relationships were treasured. After all scarcity increased demand, so if you did have a girl/boy you like you had to be patient, caring, loving etc. because if you lose them who knows when another will come along, so marriage rates were very high.

scarcity increases demand

Another bonus to those times was that there was less comparison between couples. Back then, nobody could see other couples daily lives and know what they are eating, wearing and the places they are traveling to. Fast forward to modern times and the whole game has changed. Now the girl/guy from next door just isn’t good enough! You go on social media and you see these super attractive people(mostly because of filters, makeup, and perfect lighting conditions) and you start to become a snob. You start to desire something that doesn’t exist; perfection.

This puts you on a hamster wheel, constantly going around in circles trying to push the boundaries on what and who you find attractive. A woman that used to be content with a necklace for her birthday is seeing girls on Instagram get Ferraris(most likely rented) for their birthday. All of a sudden that necklace isn’t good enough, The place you always had dinner isn’t good enough, the brand you wear isn’t good enough etc. This makes it impossible for people to spend time doing what really matters; getting to know their partner. It’s like being in a large shoe store, everywhere you look you see nice shoes but you only have money to buy one. Because you can only buy one, you walk around the whole store looking and looking and looking until the store closes. Well that is life nowadays, you chase the perfect partner all your life until life’s store closes and it time to go in the wooden box.


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