This morning (December 16th, 2017) a “loader man” was killed in the middle of the busy Half Way Tree streets. For those of you who are unaware of who a “loader man” is, they are the people who annoy you until you get into the vehicle they want you to board. They are normally the loudest people on any taxi/bus stand.

The victim was shot in the early morning, around 6.30 am while people were doing their usual Christmas shopping. Eyewitnesses who I am quite sure will not be turning up to court to testify say the victim was approached and shot in the head twice. He died instantly. Due to the shooting Half Way Tree turned into traffic gridlock as the Police yellow taped off the crime scene and did their usual processing and evidence collection. Well at least that’s what they are supposed to do but judging by how many criminals “buss case” who knows?

it seems loader men are not popular

if you were in the corporate area this morning and noticed the excitement and crowd gathering, it was because of this loader man being shot dead. People could be heard saying things like “one less loader man”, “more a dem need to dead off”, it’s harsh and cold but Jamaicans are not known for being compassionate towards people who annoy them. At the end of the day, it’s bad because it’s another dead Jamaican, who did not die of natural causes. Today it was his turn but tomorrow it could be anyone based on how these gunmen are behaving. Let’s see if we can start off 2018 on a more positive note. (assuming we live to see it).



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