Let me be honest here, not everyone will love the look of this car. It isn’t a Jaguar E type or a Ferrari 288, but it will catch your attention and force you to look at every curve trying to figure out what your eyes are seeing. As things stand, I don’t know what I think about its looks but that has happened to me before I ended up falling in love with the car. The Ferrari Enzo, Mclaren F1, Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing all come to mind and I ended falling in love with the design of those cars.

What is undeniable is the technology in this car will change the way cars are built and our perception of the boundaries that exist in the automotive industry. At the moment the La Ferrari, Mclaren P1 and Porsche 918 are considered the ‘holy trinity’ of the hypercar world. They all claim to derive their technology from motorsports and the experience they have gained from competing. While that is certainly true, there is a difference between inspired by racing and actually building a race car with real racing technology.

Mercedes didn’t just take a system or braking technology, they seemed to lift an entire formula one engine and placed into this new hyper car. The engine is a 1.6 L V6 turbocharged engine that revs all the way to 11,000 RPMs, yes that’s right 11,000 RPMs! It will have over 1000 horsepower and go well in excess of 200 MPH. Forget about 0-60 times because this car launches from 0- 124 in under six seconds, six seconds, six seconds! There are also electric motors that not only help the car accelerate faster but it helps eliminate turbo lag completely which is often an issue when turbos are added to combustion engines.

I called the guys over at Mercedes AMG and tried to order one, I am still waiting for them to respond to my voicemail, I wonder if the fact that I told them my budget was $70.68 is the reason for the lack of response **scratches chin** After all the car costs a whopping $3 million dollars.


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