Let’s face it, living a healthy lifestyle can be very hard. It seems like everything that is tasty is unhealthy(fast food, soda etc.) and everything that is healthy leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Well, that is not the case with the fruit known as Graviola AKA Soursop. This may not seem like the case judging by its spiky exterior but just like a book or person, fruits should not be judged by their appearance. Here is why you should be consuming this fruit if you are not already.

1. Cancer Fighting Properties

When my neighbour started Chemotherapy, I was very surprised to see that one of the fruits the doctors “prescribed” for her was the Soursop. I already knew it was tasty but how could it possibly help to fight such a dangerous disease? Research from the Tepic Institute of Technology (Instituto Tecnológico de Tepic – ITT) in Mexico has shown that Soursop contains Acetogenins. This makes it very beneficial for Chemo patients, but unlike the cocktail of pills and bitter medicine, they actually can consume something that is delicious! (Don’t get it twisted, this is not a CURE for cancer).

2. Strengthen Your Immune System

Soursop is rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin is known to build up up the immune system so your body is better equipped to fight off diseases. This comes back to the old saying “prevention is better than cure”, why wait until you are sick to start looking after yourself? Soursop also removes bad toxins and parasites from the body which are known to cause individuals stomach related issues such as Diarrhoea or Dysentery.

3. Treats Fever

Next time you have a fever, skip the drug store and visit your local fruits vendor and buy a Soursop instead. The inside of the Soursop can be eaten straight, but it really comes to life when you remove the seeds and blend it into a juice. This is one of the most refreshing juices you can drink, especially with some ice added.

There are so many nutritional benefits that I could write two books about it. One thing that cannot be overlooked just how delicious it is to eat whether you are health conscious or not. It can be eaten straight just be cutting the fruit open, but I think where it really shines is when it is juiced and some ice cubes added. This is truly mother nature at her best, showing off what she can produce without factories.


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