It seems that the JCF is throwing in the towel and have completely given up on the fight against crime. Senior Officers called a prayer meeting in Spanish Town and gathered all the prayer warriors to hoarse up their throats. If the Police cannot protect us they need to release a statement saying this and just be honest.

Which Country do you see Police officers calling prayer meetings to summon help from the heavens above? This is Banana Republic stuff and it’s hard to take them seriously. Nothing is wrong with having faith and believing that God can do anything but there is a time and place for everything.

picture this

Imagine you go to your doctor, you are suffering from a stab wound. The doctor falls on his/her knees and starts to pray that you live. Would you take that Doctor seriously? you are in a taxi and the driver let go of the steering wheel and starts praying that you arrive home safely, would you take that taxi man seriously>

faith without works is dead

Prayer meetings cannot stop crime, Jamaica is full of prayer warriors and it has not stopped the country from being one of the bloodiest in the world. We need serious government policies and serious Police work, this prayer meeting is a farce. In 2018 Jamaicans should not be applauding this as if it’s a sign of progress.

they need to pray for the courage to remove their corrupt colleagues from the force

I know this post will upset a few. Your Granny told you that prayer solves everything so you probably admire these cops for this show they put on. No offence is intended, but with things this serious our patience is running thin with the people who are paid to do jobs and want to turn it into “pappy show”.

Observer Story Here


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