sheron sukhdeo
sheron sukhdeo

Today was the funeral of Trinidadian businessman/gangster(depending on who you ask) Sheron Sukhdeo. He was killed almost a week ago outside his mother in law’s home in Charlieville, Port of Spain.

Sheron Sukhdeo was known for being quite the flashy man and he lived a lifestyle that was similar to a rap video. He had Lamborghinis, Bentleys and even allegedly owned a private plane. This might seem normal in Beverley Hills California or West London but this is Trinidad and Tobago all this was taking place.

He had gained an Instagram following of close to 45,000 people by the time he had died. His family life was on display and we could see that he has a son, a daughter and a wife named Rachel Sukhdeo. They clearly had a number of domestic-related issues and she even posted pictures of her missing front teeth to show the abuse she gets from him.

His coffin costs 56,000 TT dollars

Despite all this, they always seemed to get back together and carry on like normal. She was hospitalised shortly after his death and it was alleged that she tried to take her own life although there is no proof of this.

He lived like movie star

The lifestyle that Sheron Sukhdeo lived was clearly not from a “regular job”. He owned a number of businesses, which includes but is not limited to car dealerships and real estate. There are also strong allegations that he was involved in not so legal activities.

Social media in Trinidad has been buzzing with people who are either glad to see him gone or mourning his loss. Those who are not fond of him allege that he was a “don” who used violence and bribes as a way to get his way. Even the police in Trinidad claim he was “marked for death” and had lots of enemies.

Whatever the truth is, one thing is for sure and that he lived a life of extravagance, even in death. His funeral had him buried in all his jewellery. His family knows him best and knows how he would want to be buried after all.



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