xxxtentacion full video

The full video of the moments that led up to the death of rapper XXXtentacion has been released.

We now have a much better idea of what happened that day when the promising young rapper lost his life in Florida.

The footage was shown in a bail hearing for one of the suspects accused of playing a role in the death of XXXtentacion. The whole thing was played in a Broward County Court and it was captured by WPLG News

The video shows when the alleged killers went into the same store as XXX and they left and waited for him outside. As the rapper was leaving the motorcycle store, his BMW I8 was blocked by a large vehicle that was occupied by armed men.

Two men run up to the driver side and point guns at the Florida rapper. The passenger in XXX’s car then runs out of the vehicle and leaves the door open.

He could not drive away from the scene

A lot of people on social media has been asking why XXX didn’t just drive off and go around the SUV as he had enough space.

We have done the research and it turns out that even if he wanted to drive off, he couldn’t because the door was open on the passenger side.

The BMW I8 does not allow you to drive if either of the doors is open. This means that XXX was a sitting duck at the mercy of those gunmen.

The video shows that he also put up a struggle with the robbers, one of them even ran around to the passenger side to grab the Louis Vuitton bag he was travelling with that reportedly had $50,000 inside.

It was after this struggle that the taller of the robbers opened fire on XXXtentacion and he was killed instantly in the driver seat.


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