Losing weight is hard. I mean the concept is simple, just burn more calories than you consume over a 24 hour period. The reality is, most people are not disciplined or in ideal situations like social media fitness “experts”. From my personal experience, it’s best to make one change at a time and not embark on some unrealistic quest to drop meat and carbs overnight.

There is something available in your home right that is more effective than any “get slim quick” product. Go to the pipe in your kitchen and turn on the tap! That is the major key you see running out the tap. If you want to lose weight, DRINK MORE WATER. I know it sounds boring but it really is one of the underrated weapons in the fight against love handles and big bellies.

“If you want to lose weight drink more water”

1. Water helps your body burn calories faster even when you are resting. This is because it increases your metabolism through a process known as “diet-induced thermogenesis”.

2. Water makes you feel fuller, so you feel full faster. Feeling full will make you eat less and a by-product of this is weight loss.

3. Water increases your energy. This makes you more active as you are more likely to go for a walk or partake in physical activities. We have all been there, you want to workout but you feel lazy and tired. This increased energy also helps when you are in the gym as your workout sessions will be more intense.

These are just some of the ways water helps you to lose weight. Now I know what you’re thinking; water is boring. It doesn’t have to be! Add some cucumber or lemons to the water and now you have a refreshing beverage that is healthy and won’t cause you to feel bloated and depressed from the sugar rush.


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