The conspiracy theorists are out. The claims are that Real Madrid “paid off the refs” during the semi-final clash between them and Bayern Munich.

The moment at the centre of the controversy was when a ball struck Marcelo on the hand in the penalty box.

While it is clear that the ball did hit his hand, it would be an extremely harsh decision to award a penalty for that.

The ball was coming very quickly and his hands were tucked in close to his body. He could not have gotten it out of the way.

The referee made the right decision and most neutrals would agree with that sentiment. It is understandable why Bayern Munich fans are upset as when you come so close and still lose it very painful.

Still, the accusations of bribes and match-fixing are a step too far especially when the decision was the right one.


  1. Former Serie A referee Graziano Cesari commented the refereeing of Cuneyt Cakir in the return tie of the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

    According to the former International referee, the Bundesliga giants were denied three penalty kicks against the Merengues tonight.

    “The first episode was in the first half, when Ramos tackled Robert Lewandoski inside Real Madrid’s penalty area. Looking at the replay we can see that Ramos touched Lewandowski with his knee. The Polish striker was quick and Ramos clearly hit him”, Cesari told Premium Spiort.

    “The second episode is also in the first half, seconds before the half time whistle. It’s the perfect penalty, Marcelona touches the ball with his left hand. It’s almost like a save. For sure a better one tha Ulreich’s.”

    The mistake of the Germany keeper at the beginning of the second half, in fact, gifted Karim Benzema’s second goal minutes after the beginning of the second half.

    “The third penalty kick denied to Bayern is another tackle of Ramos on Lewandowski in the second half. I think Cakir could not cope with the pressure of the game. It was an awful performance by the Turkish ref”, Cesari said.


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