rifles from Ramble Hill, St James
rifles from Ramble Hill, St James

Ramble Hill should change its name to Rambo Hill. Four M16/M4 Assault Rifles were found there by the security forces while carrying out an operation there.

The weapons seem to be in pristine condition. They were also found with several body armours and even a drum magazine.

Whoever owned these weapons was clearly planning to do some serious damage to the already crime filled Parish.

Where did they get the police vests and armour from?

The weapons are either M16 carbine or M4 assault rifles. These are both standard issues to members of the Jamaican security forces.

If they were found by themselves, then we could ignore it as weapons that were illegally imported. The fact that they are with Police vests should raise eyebrows and lead to an investigation.

Whose number do those vests match up to? were they reported stolen and properly accounted for?

These are questions that need answering and this is even before we look into the rifles.

Ramble Hill is one of the areas that has been under the state of emergency. Judging by the type of weapons found there, we can see why.

drum magazine is meant for sustained gunfire

The drum magazine found in Ramble Hill, St James should awaken the security forces if they were asleep. These are designed to carry 50, 100 and even more rounds.

Drum magazine found in Ramble Hill, St James

Far more than the standard 30 rounds you would find in an M16/M4 style weapon. This means that the shooter does not have to change their magazine as often and can keep shooting for longer.

This would help to explain why “Bowza” could have such a long shootout with the security forces. Criminals have accessories that the standard policeman does not have.

the thought of these kinds of weapons being in the hands of criminals is quite troubling. These are no longer the days of one pop and “spinners”, gangs are packing serious artillery.


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