jamaican police

Squaddie, say it ain’t so? please don’t tell us that you are another in a long line of criminals dressed up in Police uniform! well, you wouldn’t be the first and you are definitely not the last. The Jamaica Observer has broken the news that there has been a major gang bust, which resulted in the arrest of 15 people including a detective corporal from the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Observer Story Here

seems no parish is safe anymore

According to the reports, this gang is responsible for at least 8 murders and a series of rapes. The gang operated mostly in St Catherine, St.Mary, Trelawny, Manchester and St. Ann. Wait, Trelawny? that parish used to be such a safe haven from all the foolishness that happens across the island. Is there nowhere left where we can walk in peace in Jamrock?

they forced their victims to perform oral sex on each other

Ok, this is taking it too far. it’s one thing to rob and kill somebody, but what kind of x-rated criminality is this? Listen, just hurry up and shoot me because I am not into this hanky panky business. Alot of these criminals belong in Soddom and Gomorrah with their twisted fantasies. I wonder what escuses the criminal apologists will come up with now? they always have some heart filled sad story for us to try and feel sorry for criminals. “Their daddy wasn’t around so now they force adults to do sex acts on each other to ease the childhood pain”, “it’s because the system has failed them”, who knows which one it will be but it will be coming for sure.

three women were arrested, no surprise there

The bust also scraped up three women and arrested them. The role women play in crime in Jamaica continues to be overlooked but I will address that in a separate post. In the meantime, this gang bust should be seen as a very small victory, even if its short term. Knowing how things work in Jamaica, they probably all “buss di case” and will soon be back on a street near you.

This gang bust was carried out by the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC). I don’t know much about them but I like their name, mainly because that is what these gangs in Jamaica are; “Terrorists”. The only thing they lack is a political objective but if you look at the tactics they employ, they have long crossed the barriers of street gangs are now terrorising the local law-abiding population. Well done CTOC, for now…………………..


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