Dancehall artiste David Brooks aka Mavado has received some of the money he lost to alleged scammer Jennifer Messado. He has been refunded $8 million out of the $30.7 million he was scammed.

That is roughly 25% of the money he gave to her believing he would be getting property in return. Instead, Mavado found out that he was just one of the many people that Jennifer Messado allegedly scammed out of millions of dollars.

The “Gully Gad” is quite active in the real estate market. He not only owns a stunning mansion in Norbrook, St. Andrew but he also owns numerous properties across the island.

Jennifer Messado

This property supposed to add to his growing portfolio but he ended up buying a fairy tale.

There is not much Mavado could have done in this situation. This was not some random person walking up to him and selling him a dream.

Jennifer Messado was a long-serving, respected lawyer. People handed over their money to her because they trusted her.

Remember this was a real lawyer that was a member of the bar! who would have guessed this would happen? anyone who says otherwise is using hindsight.

There are rumours that Mavado is back on the island for the transfer of the money but there is no evidence of this. He would not need to be present in Jamaica to get the $8 million.

let’s not forget he is still a person of interest(not the same as being wanted) in the murder of “Gaza Man”.

His son is still caught up in the system. He is currently in a juvenile detention centre but Mavado is the person they really want to hold on to.

let’s hope that the deejay get the rest of the money and the alleged scammer returns the money to all the people she scammed.


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