state of emergency
state of emergency

The House of Representatives has approved an extension of the State Of Emergency in St James. This move is meant to carry on the momentum that has picked up since the SOE was first declared. The Senators are the only people left to vote on the issue and they are also expected to deliver the two-thirds majority needed.

So far there have been 10 guns recovered and over 50 people arrested and charged. 10 guns aren’t exactly anything to write home about but at least it’s a start. Just one gun is enough to cause chaos and bloodshed. At the end of this 3-month extension, the success or failure of this SOE will be discussed and rightly so. We would need a considerable more amount of guns seized and wanted men arrested. Not to mention a serious fall in the crime rate in St James.

There will also need to be a plan put in place to deal with these areas after the SOE ends as you can’t keep the JDF on the streets all year round, although some citizens seem to be fond of that idea. We must find a way to prevent criminals from just going back to their old stomping ground and picking up where they left off once the security forces move out.


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