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There is a disturbing video being circulated on social media of a 5-year-old being forced to perform a sexual act on a grown man. The video is not from Jamaica but is actually from Trinidad and Tobago. The story is old as it occurred in 2016, so why the video is being recirculated is quite strange.

the pervert is dead

The man who committed the heinous act is dead, he committed suicide after he was on the run from the cops. He hung himself in a cemetery allegedly as some people claimed he was killed, either way, no one is shedding any tears for him. He was the child’s stepfather and was on bail for rape.

when will some women start wise up

So you live with a man who is on bail for rape, first problem. Then you leave him alone with your daughter? second problem. So many abuse cases are the result of absent fathers and “careless mummas”, but people want to act like they don’t know this. A lot of these women bring the men into their children’s lives that abuse them and often if the child tells them they are being abused they defend the man.

Nobody can and wants to hold parents accountable for the negligence that leads to their kids getting abused under their nose. They all jump up and cry that they didn’t know, when what they really mean is they didn’t want to know. Some of these insecure women would rather keep the man and throw out their own child, facts. Stop giving them pity and putting arms around them! any expert can tell you that there are certain behaviours that children show when they are being abused. If you cannot notice something is wrong with your child, then that’s a bad look on you. It’s a shame, you need to pass a test to drive a car but any clown can have a child.

2016 Observer Story On Dead Pervert


  1. I live in the states. I just heard about this 30 minutes and I was totally disgusted. I have not, nor will I look at the video, but I will say this: I am glad he is DEAD. The information that I just got was he is missing. With that being said, I blame the mother for this HORRIBLE situation. If a man is on probation for rape, why would you allow him around your child? Why would you want him around YOU? Do you need a man that badly? Of course, you don’t, you are just a trifling, good for nothing, neglectful egg donor. I can’t refer to this dog as a mother or woman. It is a shame, that children have to SUFFER, when they are CURSED for having subhuman, beasts, for “parents.”

    • I agree, some of these parents are to be blamed for the neglect that allows their children to be abused. They need to be held responsible at some point.

  2. I agree with everything you said except… if its careless Mummas then it should be absent Puppas. Most home structure is so broken… deadbeat father, careless or hardworking-out-of-the-home mothers that unfortunately we will see this again.

    • Absent puppas are a major factor, I have done numerous posts on them. These men are usually not in committed relationships with the women they “breed”. Ultimately women must put their feet down as they are the ones who carry babies and end up raising them alone. A lot of these single mothers let men who they barely know get them pregnant, true word. Only in our culture is it normal to have 2,3 children with someone who has shown no sign of committing to you….


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