Can we be honest for a minute? Uber cars are normally boring and the drivers are often the kings/queens of small boring talk. Before I get into an Uber, I always wonder just how mundane the conversations will be today. Sometimes there are drivers who kinda get the idea that you are not looking for a therapist but alot of them just don’t get it.

The worst ones are the drivers that ask about your family life. Seriously? do you really care what is going on with my family? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying people should act like robots and not say anything to each other, but after the initial introduction and greetings, a driver should be able to feel out whether someone wants to speak with them.

A famous Youtuber has solved the problem, at least temporarily. He used his Lamborghini Huracan to pick up customers and carry them to their destination. He even managed to squeeze two girls into the front seat at the same time, which they were definitely not complaining about. After all, how often does anyone get to travel in a Lamborghini?

The car has over 600 horsepower, 4 wheel drive and V10 engine that sounds like it belongs in a war zone and not on public streets. According to Motortrend, the car costs the same as a nice house in a good neighbourhood Lamborghini Huracan Facts . The biggest problem this Uber would face is the fact that it drinks fuel like elephant drinks water. Actually, make that an Elephant that is in a drought and sees a waterhole.

The best things in life can’t be quantified, they are often the small things that you didn’t even plan for. This is how we end up with memories and stories that we can share with our friends over a nice meal. Not to mention when you are telling your kids war stories and making yourself sound like a superhero(you do it too). Uber is currently worth close to $60 Billion Proof . I can guarantee you their stock prices would soar if people started to get picked up in V10 Lamborghinis.


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