Pastor Rupert Clarke has been sentenced to 8 years in Prison. He was actually sentenced to 16 years in prison but the sentence will run concurrently so he will only do 8.

He pleaded guilty last November to the charges of having sex with the girls who are under the legal age of consent. He was having sexual relations with two minors and he even had a child with one, both from the same family.

the church and family members ignored his dirty ways

This man had a baby with an underage girl, plus he was having sex with her sister and that is just who we know about. Are we supposed to believe nobody in the community or church knew about this? impossible. Jamaicans are terrible at keeping secrets.

The Church members were crying for their beloved “Daddy” when he was arrested, despite the heinous nature of his crimes. Pastors in Jamaica hold a special place in their heart of their congregation and this is not going to change anytime soon.

These are not the first two young girls who are being molested by “men of God” and they surely will not be the last. What is most disappointing is that people continue to shield them and demonize the young girls. “dem a careless gal anyway”, so what does that say about your beloved Pastor if he was lying with her?

Look out for members of the congregation to carry his pirate dish full of stew peas and white rice to their prison visits.


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