valerie neita kartel
valerie neita kartel

Popular Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel aka “World Boss” has got the chequebook out for his upcoming appeal. He is trying to overturn a 35 years minimum sentence that he received alongside Kahira Jones, Andre St John, and fellow “Gaza” member Shawn “Shawn Storm” Campbell.

Dream Team lawyers come at a high cost

Valerie Neita Robertson

The highly rated attorney is no stranger to representing high profile clients. She was also the lawyer for Ninja Man in his recent murder trial. That case was a failure but to be fair after the witness turned up in court, Ninja Man would need Jesus as his lawyer to win.

She is also about to enter into Politics and represent the PNP in West Portland. She will be going up against Daryl Vaz in what will be a very interesting matchup.

Tom Tavares-Finson and his son Christian

The Finson team were there for Vybz Kartel’s first trial. He has retained their services for his upcoming appeal so clearly, he still has confidence in them.

Tom Tavares Finson like Neita-Robinson is no stranger in taking on high profile cases. He has defended a number of alleged “badman” clients but if Vybz Kartel wins this appeal, his fees will probably double overnight. This case is an exhibition of what a big budget lawyer can do!

Bert Samuels

Completing the “Kartel Trinity” is Mr Bert Samuels. This man like the other lawyers is a seasoned veteran who is used to taking “big work”.

His track record is glittering like the others and doesn’t cost chump change to hire. This is probably the most impressive gathering of lawyers for a single case in recent history.

vybz kartel is not trying to save money, he is trying to be free

This seems like the final throw of the dice for the “World Boss”. He is going for all or nothing and he has to. If he loses this appeal, he might as well start getting used to his new address.

One thing to make clear is the rhetoric that Kartel is some struggling ghetto youth fighting the system is asinine. This assembling of his dream team lawyers cannot be pulled off by the average man. Vybz Kartel might be a rebel but he is a rich rebel.

he can defend himself with the best lawyers money can buy, the average ghetto youth spends months in jail for a spliff. There is no comparison of the two. Vybz Kartel can look out for himself, he doesn’t need your tears so save them for the people who need it.


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