Nico Walters o/c Speckles/Freckles was killed yesterday by a team of lawmen who were on the hunt for him. You may remember Speckles from being on the list of Jamaica’s most wanted men List of Jamaica’s most wanted men here. He was wanted for shooting with intent to kill and has been on the run ever since.

He had alluded the Police up until yesterday where his luck finally ran out. He was cornered in the Effortville community by the Police and despite his best efforts he could not escape. It is reported that he engaged in a shootout with the lawmen and after the shots stopped, Speckles/Freckles and a Police officer were found suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were both rushed to the hospital where Speckles succumbed to his injuries but the officer is still alive. The residents are backing up this version of the story as well so there is unlikely to be any issues between the cops and Indecom.


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