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It is tradition to give up something for Lent, some people give up rice, some give up meat, some give up alcohol but gunmen in August Town clearly have not given up killing people. They were back at it this morning with a triple murder that had residents scattering for cover. Three people were killed in August Town this morning after a 5-minute long shootout, yes 5 minutes.

The Police responded to the situation with a strong presence that included armoured vehicles but unfortunately, all they can do is respond. The shootout was so sudden that no one saw it coming so we cannot blame the ‘squaddies’ this time. The community is buried in the hills, you cannot just pop round there in a minute as it is quite tricky to navigate plus gunmen know the area better than the cops.

who are these men that are causing the chaos?

Residents are saying the problems started when some old criminals were released from prison. They came back into the community and started demanding that they get back the turf they once “controlled”. I am no expert on the prison system but do we just release gang members and send them back to the same places they once terrorised? surely there must be some sort of programme to monitor them and ensure they do not go back to their old lifestyle.

we need a database for released criminals

Even if they do resort to gang life again then it should be very easy to detain them again right? This is similar to the deportees that come to Jamaica and commit crimes they learned in America. How can you have someone who is clearly a criminal and just unleash them on the people of Jamaica? there must be some programme to monitor these individuals.

Just like some countries keep databases on their rapists and paedophiles, that is how we have to treat our gang members. We need to know where you are and what you are doing because if you have not gained employment, there is a strong chance that you are back to your old ways. We can’t worry about hurting feelings anymore, things are at crisis levels.


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