The Don Gargon is currently facing a rough time behind bars in his old age. Reports from sources inside are that he is being given the cold shoulder by the other prisoners. Some reports are even claiming he has been transferred to another prison but this has yet to be confirmed by his Lawyers.

The main reason for the bad treatment is the fact that Ninja Man said he was against the new plans to allow prisoners to have conjugal visits. This plan was mentioned by Security Minister Robert Montaque last year to “humanise” prisoners and give them some much needed “relief”. Ninja Man was against the idea and he made this known publicly, which was strange as he was awaiting trial for murder.

ninja man was confident he was going to walk free

The Gargon was so confident he would not go to prison that he argued against giving prisoners the chance to have sex with their partners who are on the outside. Now he is in prison, I bet he wishes he could get some sex from one of his many baby mothers. His words have come back to haunt him big time, as now he has lost the support of his fellow prison inmates.

Do you feel sorry for Ninja Man? or is this a case of “cock mouth kill cock”?


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