As you have heard, North Korea has tested ANOTHER Missile. To be honest it’s getting a bit repetitive but when it involves missiles and bombs we have to take notice. Now people often wonder why doesn’t America or any other major world power just doesn’t ‘shut up’ North Korea once and for all. Well, it really isn’t that easy, North Korea is obsessed with nukes for a reason; it’s the only thing stopping them from ending up like Iraq or Libya. Here are 5 reasons no one is looking for that kind of trouble.

1. They already have nukes. This is not a case of a couple whack jobs trying an experiment in their backyard, the North already has nukes and that alone is enough to make even the boldest world leaders think long and hard before making any funny moves. This is not an old-school case of invading, take over and put in your puppet leader. A Tiger is most dangerous when it is backed into a corner and has nowhere to go, so if the North gets that feeling they will resort to extreme measures and it will get ugly for their neighbors.

2. It will be costly, Both in terms of cash and volume of blood that will be spilled. As the war in Iraq and Afghanistan proved, people cannot stomach long and expensive wars. At first, everyone is all excited and jumping with ‘patriotism’ but then when they see the dead bodies start flying back by the dozens, wives, and children crying beside the coffin and then the news report says it costs $1 billion a week to fight the war the mood starts to shift. Soon there will be cries to end the war and bring the troops home, especially from the battle-shy left.

3. North Korea has nothing to lose. They are not exactly a booming center of prosperity and personal freedom. Jay-Z once said “if I shoot you I’m brainless, but if you shoot me then you are famous”, that is the situation countries like South Korea is currently caught up in. The North’s neighbors are very prosperous nations with nice big shiny buildings, very expensive buildings, buildings they don’t want to get knocked down. Even if they attack the North and destroy most of it, all the North will have to do is drop 10, just 10 large bombs in the capital city of Japan or South Korea and watch the difference in the outcry from its citizens.

4. North Korea has a scary big brother. Do not get it twisted, the North is not a puppet regime of China but they have a relationship. China gets frustrated with North Korea a lot but at the end of the day, they will take sides when push comes to shove because they have common enemies. Russia is also a low-key ally although I do not believe the Russians really care about North Korea, it’s more of a ‘we don’t like America either’ type of relationship.

5. It will very likely lead to World War 3. The geopolitics mentioned in reason 4 is why this is the most salient reason why none wants war with North Korea. If the Americans and their allies attack the North, China and Russia will not sit by and watch this play out in their backyard. If the North is overrun and western powers set up a base there(as usual), the Chinese and Russians will be sweating like a fat man on a treadmill as their main rival will now be in their backyard with his biggest and best toys.


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